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PCD Acrylic Tools
PCD Acrylic Tools PCD Acrylic Tools

PCD Acrylic Tools

Product ID : PCD Acrylic Engraving Tools
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PCD Acrylic Engraving Tools

- Can be customized as drawings

Product Description

PCD Acrylic Engraving Tools / PCD Acrylic Bit 

1. The PCD acrylic tools feature high processing precision.
2. The PCD acrylic tools have a sharp cutting edge, good abrasive resistance and long service life.
3. The PCD acrylic tools have the advantages of stable processing quality, high work efficiency and high cost performance.
4. The products processed by the PCD acrylic tools are highly polished and free from burr and white edge.

The PCD acrylic tools apply to various materials, such as PC, PET, glass fiber, carbon fiber, nonferrous metal and acryl. It can be used to process various panels for cell phones, MP3 and MP4, and to process decorating parts such as photo frames and CD disc holders.

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