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Solid CBN Insert for Turning Cast Iron and Hardened Steel

Solid CBN Insert for Turning Cast Iron and Hardened Steel

Solid CBN Inserts (Please click here for more details of our Solid CBN Inserts)

Industry acceptance of today's hard powder metals, hardened steels, bimetals and heat resistant super alloys is becoming widespread, and the production rate in the manufacturing industry is snowballing each day, so the demand of high quality and durable manufacturing tools is getting high, the application of polycrystalline cbn in multitude of machining applications has amplified in recent times, the reason is that the pcbn material is the hardest known material second only to synthetic diamond. And solid cbn inserts are one of the cbn tools which are made in completely pure polycrystalline cubic boron nitride.

The hard turning process is considered as a better alternative to the conventional grinding process due to the possibility of operating in a single step that provides a surface finish as compared to the super finishing achieved in grinding process. Moreover, the hard turning process is more efficient than other conventional methods. It consumes five times lesser energy and is cost effective and environmental friendly process. Swift manufacturing ltd introduces solid cbn inserts, solid corner cbn inserts and tipped cbn inserts for multiple machining requirements. Whatever your cutting application requires, solid cbn inserts provide the best in geometry, hardness and performance.

Applications of CBN Inserts

CBN inserts are applicable for machining a broad variety of materials mostly ferrous alloys. Let's start with the broadest of application areas:

• Hardened steels
• Cast irons
• Superalloys
• Powder Metallurgy steels

There are many applications within these broad categories for cbn inserts. Some applications are cylinder boring in automotive engine blocks. Tipped cbn turning inserts are used for this application. Using cbn turning inserts in cylinder boring has been shown to increase output up to 4,000 pieces.   

Brake disc machining uses polycrystalline cbn tooling inserts that can increase the tool life to over 2,000 brake discs. Transmission gears manufacturing uses cbn machining inserts that are used in the soft turning and gear milling processes. They are also used in the finish-turning hardened transmission components.

cbn inserts for cast iron are used in cast iron turning. Cast iron has superior durability and is used in machine tools and agricultural machinery parts. Tipped cbn inserts for cast iron have an overwhelmingly high wear resistance and fracture resistance and achieves high speed and high efficiency turning for cast iron.

Advantages of CBN inserts

By far, the biggest advantage of using cbn inserts is ‘increased productivity'.

• Inserts are made purely out of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride
• Excellent heat absorption capacity
• Excellent resistance to impact and wear
• Works at very high temperatures
• Increased cutting speeds
• Increased feed rates
• Increased tool life
• Decreased machine down time
• High metal removal rates
• Dry machining
• Accelerated machine setup time
• Tool costs can be reduced by the increased parts per machine
• Machining times can be reduced by the ability to machine ferrous materials in the hardened state as an alternative to grinding
• cbn offers environmental benefits by recycling the chips and eliminating grinding sludge
• Replaces grinding operations and reduces machining costs
• Offer dimensional stability, important in mass production
• minimizes the amount of scrapped parts